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Happy Holidays!

A wonderful surprise from Dreamspinner Press. One last sale before the end of the year. A perfect opportunity to catch up on my Open Series before the final book in the trilogy releases in early February.

                         Lastly, my sexy Santa and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!  

Queer as Folk Christmas Story

Long ago before my first published novel, I wrote in the QAF fandom under the name mickiebg. All my stories were AU (Alternate Universe). Some of my characters were figments of my imagination and others belonged to the creators of the Queer as Folk series. This is one of my favorites. Feel free to leave me a comment if you enjoyed this story. I'd love to hear back from you!

Snow Angels 

Brian sat in front of the fireplace holding a snifter in one hand and his phone in the other. He was waiting for the call that would tell him if this was going to be his last Christmas or not.

He was resigned to hearing bad news. It had been a miracle that he’d lived this long. He should have died years ago as a result of bad genes and a life of excess.

Instead, he’d proved them all wrong and had gone on to live until the ripe old age of sixty-three which really wasn’t that old, in an age when people were living well into their nineties.

He took a sip of the Courvoisier, relishing the taste on his…

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the $20.00 Dreamspinner Gift Certificate is Tan. Please contact me here or on FaceBook so we can talk about retrieving your prize. Thank you for participating.

On a much sadder note, I'm sure you're aware that we've lost Eric Arvin, one of the kindest and most gifted writers to grace our genre. He will be taken off his ventilator on Monday and will be moving on to his next great adventure. There's a fund that has been set up to help his family with the mounting costs. Any amount would be appreciated.

Here's the link to donate:

2016 Rainbow Awards

With over 420 entries, I'm thrilled to announce that Yesterday was one of twenty runner-ups in the 2016 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Book Category.  Here is what the judges had to say:

1) Powerful from start to finish, Yesterday is a stunning story rich in culture and history. One cannot help but be pulled deep into the plight of forbidden love and the psyche of the characters. In a world filled with unspeakable horrors and oceans of pain, Yesterday is magically written and we live each moment through to a happy ending. Hauntingly beautiful, written in deft prose, Ms. Ashling’s Yesterday exemplifies the very essence of true storytelling.

2) The author has done her research and it shows in not just the setting, but the way the characters react. Kam's struggle to reconcile his sexuality with his beliefs feels very realistic, and I got hooked on his and Grady's story very quickly.

3) Interesting tale of worlds colliding in both cultural and romantic tendencies, set in a time of …

Blogiversary Celebration at The Novel Approach

I'm over at The Novel Approach today helping to celebrate their fifth year anniversary with a post and giveaway. Check it out!

Giveaway reminder!

Just a reminder that a $20.00 Dreamspinner Press Gift Certificate is up for grabs. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. Winner will be announced on December 10th.

Cyber Monday sales!

A huge sale is going on at All Romance. Check it out!

Aaand over at Dreamspinner Press. The big Thanksgiving sale ends at midnight. All my books are on sale. Check it out!

Thanksgiving 2016 and a bonus Giveaway!

2016 has been a turbulent year for most of us and I'm glad it's almost over. That being said, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the good things--people, places, and events--that have enriched my life and made me grateful to be alive. 

January-I started on the Paleo Diet and increased my visits to the gym. Now I'm ten pounds lighter and in better physical shape than I've been in years. You don't realize how important it is to be able to walk for miles until you can't do it any more. Problem solved.

Also in January-My historical novel Yesterday was released. 

February-My historical novel Mayon was re-released under the DSP P imprint. 

March-I attended the annual Dreamspinner Press conference in Orlando, Florida. Aside from seeing old friends, and making new ones, I was energized. I left the meeting feeling confident in my publisher and the future of our growing genre. 

April-I made a short trip to North Carolina to visit my granddaughter. She's the first…

When in

A lot of us woke up to a different world. I'm still trying to process how inexperience, bigotry, and bullying is all you need to win the highest position in the land. It'll take a while for it to sink in. Meanwhile, I choose escape. My publisher is having a wonderful sale. Now's you chance to get caught up on my Open Series as well as hundreds of other great offerings.

Giveaway Winner

The winner of the giveaway is Lee Todd. Please contact me at mickie dot ashling at gmail dot com to get the code which will allow you to redeem the audible version of my novel Taste for free.


Last night, I had the privilege of watching the Chicago Cubs win the world series. It was a true nail-biter and could have gone either way but the Cubbies came out on top. What a fantastic night for Chicago and sports in general. 
I spent most of the game interacting with several members of the DreamReaders of Dreamspinner Press group which was a great way to share the nerves and excitement. Curses flew and plot bunnies were born.  It was so much fun! 
Everyone on the Cubs team played an essential part in this win but I'd like to single out pitcher Kyle Hendricks who did a remarkable job in his usual unflappable way. This guy is a gem. 

In honor of the win, I'd like to give away an audible book code for my novel Taste, which is set in Chicago. All you have to do to be eligible is comment on this post. A winner will be chosen on Sunday, November 6.

Flash Sale!

GO CUBS GO! Cubs take game 5 of the World Series so Chicagoan Mickie Ashling has her eBook Taste for 99 cents until Game 6 (about 48 hours).

What should have been a brief interlude turns into something deeper when Lil Lampert meets Grier Dilorio at the Taste of Chicago. Lil is in town visiting good friends Jody Williams and Clark Stevens, and he didn’t plan to hook up with a younger man and discover a mutual love for architecture, interior design, and a unique sexual kink that keeps Lil coming back for more.

By all appearances, Grier is the quintessential bad boy who loves speed, tattoos, and leather, but Lil slowly uncovers another side: selfless, responsible, and tender, especially for  Luca, the son he’s had to deny. With Lil’s love and support, Grier will make a decision key to opening the door to a possible future together, one that includes fatherhood, something Lil has dreamed of but has never dared to explore.…

Sunday Snippets

Here' the last excerpt before Open House releases on Monday, October 24. You can still save 30% off the regular price if you pre-order the book today at Dreamspinner Press. The sale ends at midnight
10/23.  Open Seating, book 1 in the trilogy is also for sale.


Half an hour later, Seth was back at his desk, and Bryce was stepping out of the elevator in the underground parking. It was cold this morning, and he knew it would get much worse in the next few months as winter hit the Midwest in its usual brutal manner, but for now, it was tolerable. A leather jacket and his waffle-knit Henley were all he needed to fend off the early-morning chill. His ass throbbed a little, a pleasant reminder of Seth he’d carry around all day. Thinking of his lover taking the lead this morning made him reach down and adjust his cock. Unbelievably, it was reacting again, growing plump with visions of Seth pressing him up ag…

5 Stars for Open House

The first review is in for Open House. Check it out here:

You can buy Open House, and the first book in the series, Open Seating, for 30% off at the DSP store from October 20-23. Now's your chance to catch up.

Open House Blog Tour Schedule

Hi all! Here's the schedule for the upcoming blog tour for Open House. First post will be release day, Monday, October 24. Follow along for exclusive excerpts and a chance to win a couple of giveaways. .

Tour Schedule
Oct. 24 - The Novel Approach
Oct. 25 - Love Bytes
Oct. 28 - Bayou Book Junkie
Oct. 31 - Prism Book Alliance
Nov. 2 - Sinfully
Nov. 4 - Diverse Reader
Nov. 8 - Two Chicks Obsessed
Nov. 10 - On Top Down Under Book Reviews
Nov. 11 - MM Good Book Reviews

Sunday Snippets

As promised, another short glimpse into the continuing story of Seth and Bryce, whom you met in Open Seating. The second book in this trilogy, Open House, releases on Monday, October 24. Pre-order links appear at the end of this excerpt.


“Are you having a meltdown, or are you just sleepy?” Bryce asked gently.
“Neither. I’m trying to decide if I want to be productive or frivolous today.”
“Why not do both?”
“I can’t seem to get that pink garter belt out of my head,” Seth confessed, “and I’m afraid I won’t be able to concentrate on my writing until I’ve satisfied my curiosity.”
Bryce grinned in response. “Now that’s the kind of talk I like to hear. Take my credit card because I’m sure those things can get pricy.”
“Are you sure?”
“I know your money is tied up at the moment, and I don’t want you to pass up anything because of the price tag. Get whatever turns you on.”
“This feels like a scene straight out of …

Sunday Snippets

Here's a short snippet of Open House, book 2 in the Open Series. I'll be posting a sneak peak every Sunday until release day, October 24. Those of you who are fans of the Horizons Series will be happy to see two of our favorite guys making several guest appearances throughout this book, and the one coming out early next year, Open Case. Pre-order links are posted after the excerpt. Enjoy!


Bryce exited on Barrington Road and, after a few turns, entered a quiet subdivision. Most of the properties were an acre or more, judging by the distance between homes. No two houses looked alike, and Seth admired the clean lines of Lil and Grier’s home when Bryce pulled into their driveway. It reminded him a little of a Frank Lloyd Wright home he’d seen featured in a magazine long ago. The fa├žade was unfinished river rocks and glass, and the multiple layers of the large home flowed together to create a structure that seemed part of the landscape rather than an intrusive eyesore. Many…

Coming Soon!

Open House, the second book in the Open Series, will release on October 24 and can be pre-ordered on the Dreamspinner Press Coming Soon page. Click on the link below to read the first chapter and order your copy. Follow Seth and Bryce as they adjust to life after the cruise. As you can see by the blurb, surprises await, and not all of them are good. Check it out!  


By the time Seth Wilder and Bryce McFarland return to Chicago after their UK cruise, they’re halfway in love. They decide to move in together to see if their feelings can survive in the real world.

Seth receives word that a mandatory autopsy was performed on his late partner because his death was a suicide. The medical examiner’s findings are disturbing and leave some doubt as to the underlying cause of death.

Because of the suicide clause, life insurance benefits had been denied, but in light of these new findings, Seth’s lawyer advises him to appeal. The insurance investigator turns out to be the man who broke Bryce…
I had the privilege of being part of this anthology. As you can see by the intro, all proceeds will be donated to LGBT organizations in Central Florida. I hope you pick up a copy and spread the word. Thank you!  

By Connie Bailey, Ellis Carrington, Edmond Manning, Chrissy Munder, Caitlin Ricci, Andrea Speed, M.T. Aspen, Jayce Ellis, Sera Kane, Dev Bentham, George Seaton, Renee Stevens, Emery C Walters, Vicktor Alexander, Alicia Nordwell, C.C. Dado, M.A. Church, Troy Storm, Mickie B. Ashling, KC Burn, Jon Keys, John Goode, John Amory, Grace R. Duncan, Felicitas Ivey, Elizabeth Noble, Bree Cariad, Lila Leigh Hunter, Laura Lascarso, J. C. Long

Stories drive life. Sometimes life is good; sometimes life is bad. But it’s the nature of our community that in the aftermath of an act of hatred, we respond with love. Because darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Cruelty cannot stand against compassion. Negativity will never overcome hope.

To show our support for those affected by the …
Hi all! I'm over at The Novel Approach Reviews today talking about the inspiration for my historical, Mayon, and offering a giveaway. Check it out!

Cover Reveal!

I'd like to share the cover for the next book in the Open Series which will release sometime in October. Open House continues exactly where Open Seating ends. Seth and Bryce are back in Chicago after their romantic cruise, and the guys are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, real life intrudes almost immediately, and the close connection they'd established during the trip is severely tested.

The Open Series is a planned trilogy and books need to be read in order to be fully enjoyed. Dreamspinner Press is having a flash sale from 7/18 to 7/20 and you can find Open Seating for 25% off. Get caught up before the next book releases.

Here's the link to Open Seating:

Polo Series Special!

Looking for a good read for only 99 cents each? My Polo Series is the featured special this weekend. Click on the links to read the blurb for each book. Now's your chance to catch up on the entire series at a great price.  
Fire Horse:
Sixth Chukker:

Blog Tour: Open Seating at Multitaskingmomma's Book Reviews

Today is the final day of the Open Seating blog tour and I'm at Multitaskingmomma's Book Reviews. Check out the new excerpt and a great review of this unusual shipboard romance. Don't forget to throw your name in the hat for a giveaway! Thanks to those of you who have followed along on the tour and commented. Although I couldn't reply to each and every one I appreciate your participation.

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I'm over at Love Bytes Reviews today. Check out the new exclusive excerpt and take advantage of another chance to click on the Rafflecopter for a freebie.

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Blog Tour: Open Seating

I'm over at Sinfully today sharing another exclusive excerpt. Check it out!