Saturday, May 18, 2019

Kindle Countdown Continues

Yield is still  99 cents for another 12 hours. Don't miss out on the great deal. Yield-Bay Area Professionals

What readers are saying about Yield on Goodreads.

5 Stars

"So a priest and a sadist sit beside each other on a plane... yeah, it isn't the start of a joke. DAYUM!

Just sayin'... this is freakin' HOT!!"

"Not necessarily an easy read, but definitely a great one!"

"I’m enjoying the edgy story lines in Mickie B. Ashling’s Bay Area Professionals series; and the wonderfully taboo plot in this newest edition,Yield, just adds to my pleasure. It’s my favorite so far. "

"What an incredible layered story this was. Stunningly written with memorable scenery, extraordinary circumstances, and a baffling good plot."

"A complex story that brings two tortured men together and into an unhealthy relationship but does the past always dictate the future?"

4 Stars

"This book is really intense, both with the subject matter and the emotions the characters face. Both MCs had a lot of deep dark baggage. The story does deal with things such as rape, abuse, masochism, PTSD, and some major kinks. What adds an extra twist here is that the characters are a priest and one who is retired military and trained in interrogation. There's a lot of struggling with inner demons at the start, which creates some strain. But two damaged characters are finally able to deal with issues enough that they make a great couple, each feeding off the other."

"I really enjoyed this book. The main characters have some serious issues, and it's difficult to take characters like that, turn their lives around and end on a happy note. However, that's exactly what happens! There is real depth and growth for both men during the story. "

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