Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday Teaser!

Prince Sebastian--Bash--the current ruler of Sendorra and his consort, Errol, have just received some distressing news. This conversation is in Errol's POV.  

“You must be mistaken,” I repeated.
Bash looked uncomfortable but resolute. “I’m afraid not. Security insists Colin was at the Biarritz Tennis Club.”
“Blowing some guy in a sauna? That’s impossible!”
“He’s obviously been leading a secret life.”
I scrubbed my face in frustration.
“This is disappointing, Errol, but we need to move on and figure out how to handle him going forward.”
I shook my head, still in denial. “It can’t be true.”
“Sweetheart,” Bash said gently. “Hasn’t it occurred to you that our son might be bisexual?”
“Don’t lecture me, Bash! I don’t give a donkey’s arse if the lad is gay or bisexual. What’s bothering me about this is that he hasn’t confided in us.”
“Maybe this is just damage control after the breakup.”
“And I have no problem with that, but to do it in public is foolish, not to mention dangerous as hell. The lad was born with a bull’s-eye on his forehead. This is why he has round- the-clock security—”
“Who have obviously failed at their job,” Bash snapped. “I’m firing the entire team and starting over.”
“Don’t be impulsive,” I cautioned. “Colin has always been an elusive weasel. At least this current team of bodyguards knows what they’re dealing with.”
“Unacceptable,” Bash argued. “We pay top dollar for their services and to admit they lost sight of him is grounds for dismissal. I want fresh eyes on our boy.”
“Did you get a name?”
“Excuse me?”
Errol sighed. “Who’s the object of his desire, and where have they been hanging out?”
“I don’t know his name, but I can find out easily enough,” Bash said testily.
“All right. Gather as much information as possible before we confront Colin. I don’t want to stir up any trouble unless we’re certain this isn’t more than a random event.”
“The nature of the relationship is irrelevant,” Bash said. “What matters the most are safety and discretion. He can’t be handing out blowjobs like some common rent boy.”
“I agree, but you know how angry he gets when we try to impose restrictions.”
Bash quivered with impatience. “He has an obligation he can’t shirk because it’s inconvenient.”
“Give him some leeway, Bash. The lad is only twenty.”
“You know there’s no fudging on this,” Bash argued. “It’s our business to keep an eye on our son.”
“If Colin needs our help, then he’ll get it,” I replied, “but let’s get the details before we go in guns blazing.”
“You’re a fool when it comes to that boy,” Bash conceded.
“Maybe I’m a little softer than you, but I know what it’s like to be estranged from my parents. I swore I’d never be that kind of father.”
“I’m sure Colin is aware of your feelings.”
“He’s never verbally acknowledged it, but I ken he appreciates me.”

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