Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Third Son: Inspiration shots and pre-order link.

He didn't think coming home would be so...complicated.

American Niall Monroe returns to Hong Kong—a city he calls home—after being away for eight years. He hopes to finally find happiness with Peter Wei, his closeted lover of fourteen years, but is disappointed to find Peter has been put in an untenable position. He must marry and produce the long-awaited grandchild or get cut off by his millionaire father.

Gerard Sun, a talented artist, bursts back into Niall’s life after a one-night stand in Las Vegas. Circumstances force the men to deal with their attraction, especially when Niall’s firm considers Gerard to help promote tourism in the People’s Republic of China.

James, Peter’s younger brother, has been Niall’s best friend since they were schoolmates. He encourages Niall to ditch his brother and move on, until he finds out Niall is thinking of dating Gerard Sun.

Coming home seemed like a great idea until it wasn’t. Niall finds himself a stranger in a familiar landscape, slammed on multiple fronts by broken promises, jealousy, intrigue, unimaginable deceit, and undercurrents of evil. As his dreams quickly turn into nightmares, Niall reaches out to new allies for support.

Inspiration Shots

"One picture is worth ten thousand words."

This old Chinese proverb has served me well throughout my writing career. Sometimes my character is already fully formed and the inspiration shot is simply frosting on the cake. Other times, I'm just looking, hunting for something that might spark an idea.

Having said that, I'll admit that finding the perfect image for the characters in your head is harder than you might think. Ask the cover artists who have to bring a writer's vision to life. It's tough to find Mr. Right from a bunch of stock shots. And when you do, his image has usually been overused. I can remember when I was first published and searching high and low for good looking redheads. The choices were very limited. Since then, tastes have changed, and attractive models with red hair are easier to find. I suppose we can thank Prince Harry or Sam Heughan aka Jamie, the gorgeous lead in Outlander, for the shift in taste.

Natasha Snow, the cover artist for Third Son, created the perfect cover for my story. The image she used for my main character almost mirrors my inspiration shot shown below. To say I squeed when I saw her first draft would be a gross understatement. I couldn't be happier. Thank you, Natasha!

I'd like to present the inspiration shots I used when I was writing Third Son.  

Niall Monroe is the main character. He’s in his late twenties, a junior executive at an international advertising agency, and was born and raised in Hong Kong.    

Peter Wei has been Niall's secret lover for years. Heir to a banking fortune, Peter is under pressure to marry and produce the necessary heir.    

James Wei, Peter’s younger brother, is Niall’s best friend. They were schoolmates and inseparable until they graduated high school.  

Gerard Sun is the artist Niall meets in Las Vegas. His first glimpse of the guy is poolside.

Who could possibly resist those abs? Yowza... Thank you Lee Byung Hun for providing the necessary inspiration. 

Third Son is scheduled for release on October 2 and is now available for Pre-order. If you type PREORDER at checkout you'll get a 30% discount! This great deal ends once the book releases.

Don't forget to add Third Son to your Goodreads shelf. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36185996-third-son

Here's the link to NSP:    https://ninestarpress.com/product/third-son/

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