New Release-The Basque Trilogy Bundle

The Basque Trilogy is available as a bundle for $9.99. Check out the individual blurbs on the buy page:

Last week I concentrated on Basque food. This week I'll be sharing photos of the scenery. One of my characters in Gnarly was a champion surfer so you'll be seeing some shots of the sport in the North of Spain.

 A crowded day at Zurriola beach. This features prominently in Gnarly and Tono.
More crowds at La Concha Beach. 

 Iker, one of my characters in Gnarly, is a part-time lifeguard. This guy is doing his job at Zurriola.

Landscape shot of the area

                                           Surf's Up!
More crazy surfers braving the elements! 

As you come around the bend in the Paseo Nuevo
you'll see this scenic spot.

Fun in the sun!

Gnarly is available for purchase here:


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