Gnarly Blog Tour Schedule

Hi all. Here is the schedule for the upcoming blog tour for my new release, Gnarly. Follow along for exclusive excerpts, recipes from the Basque Country, and a giveaway.


June 21 - The Novel Approach
June 23 - Molly Lolly
June 26 - Love Bytes
June 28 - On Top Down Under
June 30 - Bayou Book Junkie
July 3 - MM Good Book Reviews

Here's another snippet. In this scene, Patxi, Javi's father, accompanies Ed to Javi's apartment. It's the first time they see each other in thirty years.

“Javier,” Patxi called out in a loud voice.
“I’m in my room,” Javi replied.
“I brought you a visitor.”
“Are you decent?” Patxi asked.
“Why? Did you bring the king to visit?”
“No,” Patxi replied, chuckling. “I brought someone better.”
“Aita, stop kidding around.”
“I’m serious,” Patxi said. “Edu is with me.”
The silence was telling, and for one awful moment, Ed wanted to turn around and walk away, but then Javi called out in halting English.
“Is it really you, my friend?”
Ed’s throat burned, and for some inexplicable reason, tears flooded his eyes. He coughed and replied in what he hoped was a normal tone of voice. “Yup, it’s me. Can I come in?”
“At your own risk,” Javi said, reverting to Spanish.
Well, shit. It wasn’t the most enthusiastic reply, but it was better than an outright refusal. Ed headed toward the bedroom, grateful that Patxi didn’t follow.  He didn’t want an audience for this homecoming, not when he didn’t know how they’d both react.
At this time of the year, sunset didn’t start until well past eight o’clock in the evening, and the room was in shadows as waning daylight filtered in through the paned window. Javi sat on a chaise facing the door, his legs covered with a light cotton throw. He was wearing a white T-shirt that depicted an aging hipster hanging ten on a surfboard, gray hair tied back in a ponytail, a goofy look on his face, and the caption Surf Till U Check Out in big block letters. Years of sun worship had left its toll, Ed noticed. Tiny crow’s feet radiated from Javi’s limpid hazel eyes and deep commas bracketed his generous mouth. Fortunately, he hadn’t gone bald, and the reddish-brown hair, tucked behind his ears and curled around his neck, made him look younger than his years. Ed had loved finger-combing through the strands, tugging on the thick mass at the height of passion, and helping Javi tie it back when it got in the way of his sport. He’d begged him to keep it long whenever Javi had threatened to buzz it off, and from his spot near the door, Ed felt ridiculously pleased that one thing hadn’t changed. An unexpected surge of tenderness clogged his throat, and he blinked back the tears as he stood there soaking up the sight of his former lover.




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