Friday Preview

Another snippet for your entertainment.

“Maybe it’s time to make a few changes,” Iker said gently. “You’re an accomplished doctor and a responsible father from what you’ve told me. I find it hard to believe that your sons will turn on you if you sit them down and tell them the whole story. What you’re feeling for Javi doesn’t take away the love you felt for their mother. Young people are more tolerant than you realize.”
Ed looked up sharply. “I’m not telling them about Javi!”
“Then don’t mention him, but you can say you’re bisexual. It’s not the end of the world, Ed. Some very famous people claim that label.”
“I don’t give a damn about other people,” Ed snapped. “I’m trying to understand why I’m jonesing for the pair of you after being happily married to a woman for over twenty-five years.”
“Excuse me?” Iker asked. “Did you just say the pair of you?”
“I misspoke,” Ed amended quickly.
Iker gave him a sly smile. “Too bad. The idea of a three-way with you and Javi is hot."
Ed was horrified to feel his cock taking the bait. The image of them sprawled in his bed, naked and entwined, made him catch his breath. Blood rushed to his cheeks and his heart thudded loudly in his head. It felt like he’d been racing toward the edge of a cliff, charging nonstop until he flew out into the void, and the only thing preventing him from dropping a thousand feet and splattering on the rocks below was Iker. When had this stranger turned into his anchor?
As if he could read his mind, Iker reached across the table and grabbed Ed’s hand, which had been busy making little piles with the breadcrumbs he’d scattered over the fine linen.
“I think it’s time to go,” Iker said.
“Agreed,” Ed said, trying desperately to regain his equilibrium. Signaling the waiter, he asked for the bill, and when it was presented, he paid with his credit card. Iker motioned to leave a tip, but Ed reached for his hand to stop him.
“My treat,” he said brusquely.
“Thank you,” Iker replied.
They were subdued on the way home. Once again, Ed insisted Iker drive, giving himself the opportunity to dwell on their conversation. The flush of arousal he’d experienced at the restaurant had evaporated, and he was worn out. In light of their conversation, he gave some serious thought to all the possibilities. Had he been in denial all these years in order to keep the status quo? Family, wife, children, career. Wasn’t that supposed to take priority over anything else? If so, he’d done his part, and quite well, he wanted to add. But maybe now it was time to rethink his priorities.
Being bisexual didn’t take anything away from his previous life. Why not admit he’d had feelings for Javi all along? And what of Iker? Was he just caught up in this shitstorm because Ed had a thing for Basque men? Ed knew he was prevaricating before he even finished his thought. Iker was attractive in his own right and shouldn’t end up as collateral damage.


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