Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Previews

I'll be sharing a few lines from one of my novels every Friday to give you a preview. These are from Open Case which will release on February 3. 

     “I should kick you in the balls for keeping something this important from me,” Seth griped. “What the fuck, Bryce? I thought we’d moved past this stupid need to swaddle me like an infant.”
     “You’re right, and I’m sorry. My only excuse is that I was in shock.”
     “So was I,” Seth replied in a calmer tone, “but you didn’t see me clamming up and harboring a giant secret.”
     “Point taken and acknowledged. I was wrong to keep this from you. To my way of thinking, I was sure the cops would find Owen in a few days and this implied threat would be a moot point.We’re going on three weeks, and that fucker is still out there. Now I’m really starting to worry, and that’s why I suggested the guns.”
     “Do you honestly think he’ll come back?”

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