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“If I were Owen, I’d be hitchhiking my way to California, but he was always ruled by his emotions rather than his pea brain. We’ve already established that. What if I’m right, Seth, and he’s out for blood? I fucked him over by calling in Adam and Jack. You managed to screw up his plans by locking yourself in that room. He’s not only broke; he’s been humiliated, and he’s not going to let that go.”
“Stop it,” Seth pleaded. “You’re scaring the heck out of me.”
 “I’m sorry, babe, but if it’s any consolation, I’m scared as well. And that’s another thing,” Bryce admitted. “I never stood up to Owen, and the day he showed up in my office and shoved me against the wall, I froze. Instead of fighting back, I let him intimidate me like he did in the past. If I had been quicker to react, the cops might have gotten to you before Owen did.”
Seth regarded Bryce with renewed interest. “Aside from being a cheating asshole, was he also physically abusive?”
Bryce thought about lying to spare his ego, but he knew Seth would see right through him, and he’d only be worse off. It took every ounce of control to stay calm and to maintain some semblance of dignity, even as he stripped away this final layer. “Yes, he was.”


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