Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Previews

“It started out innocently,” Bryce said. “Back in those days I was pretty vanilla and didn’t know anything about breath play. I just figured Owen liked it rough, but the first time he wrapped his fingers around my neck and started squeezing, I panicked.”
“Yeah, it was terrifying because I didn’t realize what he was doing or why. I was sure he wanted to kill me.”
“Why on earth would you think that?” Seth asked.
“We’d been seeing each other for over six months, and I was starting to complain about being his dirty secret. It ticked me off that we never went out in public, and sex was always rushed. He didn’t talk about a shared future or admitted that he cared for me, much less loved me. I was starting to realize the romance was one-sided, and it was getting old.”
“Why didn’t you try seeing someone who was emotionally available?”
Bryce snorted. “Owen threatened to tear off my dick if I looked at another guy.”

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