Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Previews

The doorbell rang, jerking Seth back to the present. Shutting his laptop, he made his way to the front door, grumbling about another interruption. As he turned the deadbolt, he wondered why no one had buzzed him from the security desk downstairs, but that didn’t pop into his head until he opened the door and stared into the now familiar face of Owen Lightfoot.
He was wearing a Jimmy John’s hat and vest and holding up one of their bags. “Lunch?” he offered cheerily.

Reflexively, Seth said, “Wrong apartment.”
“Is that the way to greet an old friend?”
“You’re no friend of mine.”
“Well, at least we agree on something.”
“You need to go.” Seth attempted to close the door, but Owen was quicker than a weasel and just as intent on his target. Blocking the door with what looked like a size-sixteen boot, he shoved his way past Seth, muttering, “Out of my way, blondie.”
“What do you want?” Seth asked. To his own ears, he sounded fearless, but his heart was banging against his chest and a part of him wanted to shout for help. But he knew that terror was an accelerant for bullies, and Owen was a prime example of that vile breed. Furthermore, he had no idea if the surveillance team was even in place. Perhaps he had to rethink his opinion of Owen’s IQ. This was the second time he’d managed to squeak through a purportedly secure building. Bryce would be livid!

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