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Cyber Monday sales!

A huge sale is going on at All Romance. Check it out!

Aaand over at Dreamspinner Press. The big Thanksgiving sale ends at midnight. All my books are on sale. Check it out!

Thanksgiving 2016 and a bonus Giveaway!

2016 has been a turbulent year for most of us and I'm glad it's almost over. That being said, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the good things--people, places, and events--that have enriched my life and made me grateful to be alive. 

January-I started on the Paleo Diet and increased my visits to the gym. Now I'm ten pounds lighter and in better physical shape than I've been in years. You don't realize how important it is to be able to walk for miles until you can't do it any more. Problem solved.

Also in January-My historical novel Yesterday was released. 

February-My historical novel Mayon was re-released under the DSP P imprint. 

March-I attended the annual Dreamspinner Press conference in Orlando, Florida. Aside from seeing old friends, and making new ones, I was energized. I left the meeting feeling confident in my publisher and the future of our growing genre. 

April-I made a short trip to North Carolina to visit my granddaughter. She's the first…

When in

A lot of us woke up to a different world. I'm still trying to process how inexperience, bigotry, and bullying is all you need to win the highest position in the land. It'll take a while for it to sink in. Meanwhile, I choose escape. My publisher is having a wonderful sale. Now's you chance to get caught up on my Open Series as well as hundreds of other great offerings.

Giveaway Winner

The winner of the giveaway is Lee Todd. Please contact me at mickie dot ashling at gmail dot com to get the code which will allow you to redeem the audible version of my novel Taste for free.


Last night, I had the privilege of watching the Chicago Cubs win the world series. It was a true nail-biter and could have gone either way but the Cubbies came out on top. What a fantastic night for Chicago and sports in general. 
I spent most of the game interacting with several members of the DreamReaders of Dreamspinner Press group which was a great way to share the nerves and excitement. Curses flew and plot bunnies were born.  It was so much fun! 
Everyone on the Cubs team played an essential part in this win but I'd like to single out pitcher Kyle Hendricks who did a remarkable job in his usual unflappable way. This guy is a gem. 

In honor of the win, I'd like to give away an audible book code for my novel Taste, which is set in Chicago. All you have to do to be eligible is comment on this post. A winner will be chosen on Sunday, November 6.