Saturday, June 4, 2016

Blog Tour: Open Seating

The blog tour for my new release, Open Seating, begins on Thursday, June 9.  Dates and sites are posted below. As always, there will be exclusive excerpts at each stop, and a chance to win a few goodies.

Tour Schedule
June 9 - The Novel Approach
June 10 - MM Good Book Reviews
June 11 - Mickie Ashling's Blog
June 14 - Sinfully
June 16 - Prism Book Alliance
June 20 - Diverse Reader
June 22 - Love Bytes
June 24 - On Top Down Under Book Reviews
June 28 - Bayou Book Junkie
June 29 - Multitaskingmommas

Here's a snippet...

“What do you mean we have to dress for dinner?” Bryce asked as Seth stopped him from joining the buffet line. “I’m hungry and want to eat right now.”
“We’ll have better food in the main dining room,” Seth explained. “We’re signed up for the first seating at six o’clock.”
“Every night?”
“Who the fuck eats dinner at six?”
Seth stared at him with wide eyes.
“I’ll tell you who—old people!” Bryce said harshly. “What are my other choices?”
“There’s an eight o’clock seating,” Seth said, flustered. “But… it’s probably already filled. Then there’s open seating. You have freedom of choice and can eat whenever you want, only not at the same table each time, and you may have to wait a few minutes until a spot opens up.”
“But you’re not on anyone’s clock, and if you can’t stand the company, you have the advantage of seeing someone different the next night. Let’s do that,” Bryce said.


Seth Wilder lost his partner of twenty years to suicide two weeks before a long-anticipated cruise. Cancellation insurance was never purchased, and Seth can’t get a refund. Bryce McFarland, his late partner’s gym buddy, appreciates his predicament, and when asked, agrees to accompany him on the trip. This way, Seth recoups the money and doesn’t have to cancel his plans. The gesture is unexpected but accepted gratefully.

The two men have nothing in common. Seth is a reclusive romance writer, and Bryce is a hard-core Grindr user with major commitment issues. Out of necessity and despite the seemingly insurmountable differences in personality, they develop a tentative rapport. As they begin their journey through the UK, Bryce helps Seth come to terms with his partner’s sudden death while Seth, in turn, discovers the root cause of Bryce’s phobia.

Shipboard romances rarely work. Sensible men resist, sexual tension notwithstanding. But a full moon and late summer breezes lend itself to the impossible situation, barriers are crossed, and a love affair is kindled.



  1. sounds like a great story..congrats mickie

  2. I've always been reluctant to go on a cruise, but the guys in the pic would change my mind!


    1. Lots of good eye candy on a cruise:) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I have never wanted to go on a cruise but I am enjoying reading about what happens on a cruise.


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