Chyna Doll -Horizons Series # 4



Presenting the book trailer for Chyna Doll, Book 4 in the Horizons Series.  The novel releases tomorrow, February 23, 2015.



  1. Wow, Mickie, you've done it again! Just finished Chyna Doll and what an awesome story it was. You did such a wonderful job. It was fascinating, heartbreaking, informative, and of course I loved getting to revisit all the characters from the Horizons universe. Please let there be more in the future. Need to find out what happens with Chyna and Luca when they are older. :) This should be a must read because I really feel that it could help educate people and start a dialogue that is definitely needed. Thanks again and keep up the great work. :)

  2. So glad you enjoyed this one, Lisa. Chyna needed a special guy and I thought Luca would be the perfect choice. So happy to know you connected with this pairing. All my best!


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