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June News

I've mentioned often enough that I'm lousy at blogging, but I do try and make at least one appearance each month so you won't think I've disappeared off the face of the earth.

June has been a busy month for our family!  First off, we had a fabulous wedding.  Son #2 tied the knot with the beautiful mother of his child (we do things a little backward in our family) and I'm posting a few photos so you can see what a gorgeous couple they make.  The star of the entire show was AJ, their son, who acted like a perfect angel.  Truly.  He was a model ring bearer and owned the dance floor after the ceremony.

 The wedding was held in Bartlett, Illinois.  It was one of the few days in June that wasn't raining!  I'm sure my daughter-in-law bribed someone up there to make this all work.  She's been planning this for a whole year and did a fantastic job I might add.  Everything went off without a hitch.  The bride was radiant and my son looked like he'd just won…

Coming Soon!

The French translation of "Taste" is up on the Coming Soon page and available for pre-order here: