Fire Horse reviewed by RomFan Reviews


When a back injury during a polo match lands Preston Fawkes in the hospital with only his longtime friend, Ned Temple, by his side urging his to take time and recover, he is reminded of all his financial obligations, including two ex-wives and children who enjoy the fruits of his labor.  After an unexpected visit from his son, Conrad, Preston dreams of his son’s namesake and painful memories surface while under the effects of pain medication.

Fire Horse was a beautifully written coming of age story between Preston Fawkes and Konrad Schnell.  Their friendship is built on the grounds of love for horses and polo, but through the years deepens into something more.  With time and space separating them, absence makes their hearts grow fonder.  Finally succumbing to their passions, Konrad and Preston begin a long distance relationship that would rival the strongest of loves.  Tragedy strikes and Preston is left never knowing the truth until fate intervenes.

The author captured me within their words weaving an amazing love story between to strong men as they nurture their relationship in a time that was not as open to homosexuality.  The fire was stoked frequently between these two beautifully amazing men as they fought for what they wanted and I was caught in flames.  My only disappointment was that I wanted more…..Yes, I am greedy like that.

5 out of 5



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