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How often have you seen this comment by readers? “I was drawn to the book because of the beautiful cover.” Or sometimes, you see this. “The story was great, but I almost didn’t pick it up because of the ugly cover!”

 Writers labor over a manuscript for weeks, months, and sometimes, years. Once it’s accepted by a publisher, their “baby” goes through several processes before it finally hits the shelves. One of the most stressful of these steps is choosing a book cover. First, you have to decide which artist will be able to bring your vision to life. Do you want it drawn or Photoshopped? Do you have a preference for colors? Should there be nudity, or should we take a more subtle approach? What type of background did you envision? What do your main characters look like? Did you wish to convey passionate love or not? The questions are endless, and most writers provide more information than necessary. It takes a skilled artist to sift through the jumble of words and pull out the key elements of the story to create the perfect cover to showcase our work.

Join me in acknowledging the men and women who provide their expertise to make our cover art the best it can be. Other than the initial round of applause when a book releases, they don’t get enough kudos, and I'm hoping to change that. Each month I’m going to showcase a new cover artist to give them the online time they deserve. It’ll also serve as an opportunity for you, the reader, writer, publisher, and aspiring artist, to pick their brain. Feel free to comment and ask questions. At the end of each month, one winner will be drawn from the list of visitors to win a $25.00 gift certificate from Dreamspinner Press.

 It is my pleasure to present Reese Dante as my second featured cover artist. I've had the honor to work with her on two of my novels, Taste and Momentos: Mick's Journey and it was a pleasure from start to finish. Here are the list of questions Reese was gracious  enough to answer for me.


What credentials would one need to get into the business of cover art?

First, thank you for taking the time to interview me :) and thanks to everyone who is taking the time to read this. As far as necessary credentials, this varies based on who is responding to the question. Some will claim a formal art education is a requirement while others seek years of experience. In my opinion, a sampling of work provides a quick overview of the artist’s sense of style and creativity. My portfolio and the early design awards for those covers provided me with sufficient basis to build my client list and contact publishers for future work.


How did you get your start?

I have a friend who writes poetry and he asked me to design the cover for his book. That was officially my first book cover project. Literally, within two weeks of completing the design, I’m chatting with a friend of mine, Leiland, who was ready to publish his first m/m romance story and needed a cover. He asked if I was interested. I couldn’t jump on it fast enough. It was a great creative outlet for me and I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. He went on to write more books and I went on to design more covers for him. After a few months, he somehow convinced me to come out of the designing closet and offer to design covers for others. I did and here I am now :)

Is this a full-time job or do you wear several hats like most of us?

I’m very blessed to have enough work to focus on design full-time. After spending endless years in a high stress office day job, I’m incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to finally do something I love so much.

"The difference between a great design and a lousy one is in the meshing of the thousand details that either fit or don’t, and the spirit of the passionate intellect that has tied them together, or tried.” I came across this quote recently and thought of you. The thing that struck me the first time we worked together on a book cover was your attention to detail. Care to expand on that?

Thank you :) That’s an amazing quote. My biggest pet peeve: when the cover doesn’t match the character in the story. To avoid this, I make it a point of trying to gather as much detail as possible. I’m extraordinarily picky about my work and my attention to detail can be a bit overwhelming. I often joke with my authors regarding my ‘interrogation’. If there’s a tattoo, I want details regarding where it’s located, how far it extends, colors, styling, etc. If there’s a necklace, I need to know what type, metal, pendant, etc. If hairstyle is important, I usually request a sample image. If I’m tattooing foreign words, you bet I’ve researched endlessly to ensure I’m not adding some symbol that is offensive. I’d hate to accidentally flip off someone in a foreign language. There is a method to my madness. I believe the details, however subtle, will bring the character and story to life in the design.

One of my characters in Taste had an armful of ink and I automatically asked if you’d be available to do the cover. What is it about tattoos that appeal to you? 


First, thank you for writing Taste. That was my first color tattoo design  I’ve actually received an email from a reader who wanted to get a tattoo sleeve to match. I was incredibly flattered. Tattoos, aside from being hot as hell, are a form of expression. I think that might be part of the appeal, they are like a design within a design when they’re on cover art. They fascinate me :) so I enjoy spending the time on the detail, especially the larger or complex pieces. I go beyond superimposing a design onto the model’s skin. That works for really small tattoos, but, IMO, the larger ones tend to look flat if you do this. I tinker endlessly to make it look natural. If the muscle/arm flexes, then the tattoo will shift as if it were actually on his skin. Sometimes, the details are so small and probably overlooked by most, but I’m picky as hell about my work. In my mind, if you look at the design and think the tattoo was part of the original model’s image, then it worked.

Is there any request you’ve ever received that was particularly challenging?

I think designs where I tackle something new ‘to me’ is a welcomed challenge – my first tattoo, my first angel, etc. It’s also one of the most exciting things about working on cover art – the ability to try something new and learn along the way.

Let’s talk about stock shots. I’m not crazy about them because I don’t like seeing the image of one my characters on another cover. Is there anyway to get around that?

Sadly, most cover artists have limited resources and budgets. Most of the stock I see (and use) are from microstock sites because they make it affordable to use images in cover projects. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil. However, I try to change the guys up a little when I can so the models look a little different – anything from small details to full head or hair swaps. I also work with photographers when possible to purchase and/or license images. However, this can get rather pricey and can be restrictive regarding usage.

Are you committed to a specific publisher or can anyone hire you?

I am a freelance artist and I’m grateful to have relationships with several publishers at this time. I am the Art Director at Silver Publishing and do freelance work for both Dreamspinnner Press and Riptide. Additionally, I take freelance work from self-published authors and other types of projects when time permits.

 Do you have a “wish list” for writers, i.e. how can we make your job easier?

Two things: information and creative freedom. Information is critical. Unfortunately, due to the amount of covers I complete, I don’t get a chance to read the stories before I design the cover. I rely on the cover spec and the mild interrogation I conduct via an email exchange (when permitted) to get a better handle on the characters, plot, mood and other details. Sometimes, an author will give me a specific concept for a design. This is often helpful in providing direction regarding the author’s preference. However, when the specific idea is a requirement, this usually hinders creativity. I tend to work best when I’m given the information then set free to create the design.

Awards are always gratifying, but some mean more than others. Would you like to share any you’ve received that you’re especially proud of?

As cheesy as this might sound, an author’s squee when they get a design they feel is perfect for their story is probably the most gratifying. To me, that type of appreciation is always rewarding. As far as actual ‘awards’ recognized in the genre and industry, I’ve received a few accolades I’m especially proud of. I think the most notable would be the two Rainbow Awards because they are voted by authors, readers, and peers – as were the LRC Best Cover Artist and Best Cover awards. The EPIC Ariana Awards gave me two pretty plaques I’m able to display in my office that still make me smile. Placing twice in the Annual Cover Café also made me especially proud since they consider cover art from digital and mass market presses across all genres.

How would one get in touch with you?

I can be reached via my website “Contact Me” page, Facebook or Twitter. Don’t be shy, I do respond.

rdante [at] reesedante [dot] com
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  1. Great interview! Please count me in. Thanks!

  2. Fantastic interview and thank you for sharing it with us! You produce some of the most beautiful covers in the market and I hope to continue seeing tons of them. I also hope that once my book is finished that it will you who does the cover. Congratulations!


    1. Thank you so much, Rush! I love what I do and I'm glad it shows in my work :)

  3. Such an interesting interview, never knew before what wemt into making a great cover.Thank you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to stop by :)

  4. These are all lovely. I'm especially impressed with the Warrior Angel cover-- I can't imagine how much browsing through stock galleries it must have taken to find THAT pose and THOSE wings! Cover design is so crucial. I know there are so many good books I would never pick up because the covers are cheap, garish, or sloppy. I'm so glad to see good design being valued by many major M/M publishers!

    meancolleenjuniper [at] gmail [dot] com

    1. Hi, Colleen,

      You really don't want to know how much time it takes to find that perfect shot LOL Thanks for the compliment on my work :) I appreciate it!

  5. Reese Dante is an extraordinary cover DESIGNER. The close attention to detail, the careful (and gorgeous) use of typography, the sensitivity towards the books' contents--that's design at its best. I am a cover junkie, (and a retired graphic designer) and I really appreciate good cover designers getting their props. Reese is one of my favorites, thank you!

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

    1. Urb, you can't imagine how much I'm smiling right now by your post :D I'm all about the details and believe every element is important to a successful design - and that includes the typography which is often overlooked. Thank you so much for the compliment. It is appreciated.

  6. What a bunch of great covers! I appreciate that they are all so different form each other as well. Very nice work.

  7. Thanks so much for this post! I love the art work you do and am always drawn to your covers! I think the most 'beautiful' would be the cover for Again by Mary Calmes. It just looks like a dream, what love should look like. You also did the cover of my favorite book Chase in Shadow. The cover still gives me chills to see Chase in front of that door.
    Thanks again for the interview, I look forward to seeing more of your covers!
    OceanAkers @

    1. Thank you so much for your post! Now I've got that silly grin on my face again. I appreciate you stopping by :)

  8. Reese did the cover for my newest book, which will be out the end of February/beginning of March, and I can't begin to express how thrilled I was with the final product. It's my absolute favorite cover. I hope I'll have the opportunity to work with her again.

    Thank you, Reese!

    1. Thank YOU, Tinn. Looking forward to working with you again :)

  9. I love beautiful covers, it's one of the first things that draws my attention to new books, from unknown authors. Great post!

    galaschick78 at gmail dot com

  10. I love your work. Was awesome to meet you (however briefly in the elevator!) at GRL.

    1. Hi, Lex - It was great to finally meet you at GRL :) Thanks for the compliment on my work!

  11. Oh my gosh, those covers are amazing! Beautiful work, Reese. I'd definitely read something with one of your covers on it. :)


    1. Thank you! If one of my designs makes you stop and take a look at the book a bit more, then I've definitely done something right :)

  12. I'd love to look over your shoulder while you work.

    1. It's probably like watching a mad scientist at work :)

      Your comment made me smile because my hubby actually walks into my cave/office sometimes and just watches me work. He thinks "it's cool".

      At first, I'd stop and turn around with the typical "What's up?" question. I was caught off guard and a little freaked about someone watching unfinished work (weird artist thing). Now, it doesn't bother me one bit. He's fascinated by some of the changes to photos (head swaps, change of hair style, etc) and often tells me "I can't believe you got that" (pointing to design) "from that" (points to stock shot). It's actually nice and always helpful since he might suggest something to improve the design.

    2. Hi Reese,
      I wanted to thank you again for allowing us to pick your brain. It's been great fun reading through all the comments and your answers. This particular one struck a chord. I can imagine how difficult it must have been in the beginning to have your hubby watching over your shoulder. Then again, having your own cheering section is wonderful for the muse. Keep up the good work!

    3. Thank you! And yes, it was very difficult LOL I even think I gave him the evil eye a time or two :)

  13. These are lovely covers. I enjoyed getting to know you through the interview.

    Jana Denardo

    janadenardo at yahoo dot com

  14. I've loved all your covers and was blown away by the cover you did for my novel 'Shadowboxing'. I always enjoy hearing about the creative process and the stories that go with it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) And I was super excited to see that Shadowboxing won Best Cover over at Speak Its Name. That was a great way to start the year!

  15. Absolutely beautiful work! There is so much involved when doing artwork. I can see all the efforts and energy you placed in doing your work.

    I love all the covers I have seen and the one that touched me the most was "Yes". The "simplicity" of the picture drew me and having read the book, I found it so appropriate. The "freedom" the individual felt as he opens his arms...surrendering. The individual was fighting for his life when he was faced with cancer. The artwork just captured the story perfectly. I loved the series and when I saw this, the art grabbed me and completed the story for me.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more of your beautiful work!

    1. Lou Sylvre was great :) She provided a wealth of information about the characters, stories, mood, scenes, etc. For "Yes" it was more of what she didn't specifically mention in her spec that struck me. Subtle hints about scenes and the emotion of them. She described a few specifics but ultimately suggested one element of the design and left the rest open. So I was hoping to capture the hinted emotions within the spec. I'm so glad to hear that came through in the final design.

      Thank you so much for stopping by :)

  16. Thank you both for a great interview! Reese, your artwork and designs are just beautiful, and your attention to detail really makes the covers shine. Thanks for this opportunity to learn more about your work and the artistic process!
    awindandbooks at gmail dot com

  17. Loved the interview!
    I love all your covers Reese! I really do look forward to seeing what you come up with next. They're always so gorgeous. lol...
    Please count me in If I can still enter~



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