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Holiday Wishes

Faith makes all things possible.  Hope makes all things work.  Love makes all things beautiful.  May you have all three for this Christmas and every day to come.    

Who's Your Favorite?

Goodreads is having their annual Member's Choice Awards.  Fire Horse is in the running for Best Athletes and Best Cover.  If you would like to vote for your favorite author, story, and cover for 2013, now's your chance.  You don't have to be a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group to vote. 

Here's the link for those who are interested:

30 % Sale at Dreamspinner Press!

To celebrate all the winners in the 2013 Rainbow Awards, Dreamspinner Press will be putting our novels on sale at 30% off from now until December 15 (e-books only). This is a great opportunity to fill that Christmas stocking with offerings from many different genres. 

You can find the novels here:


I'm honored that Fire Horse is tied for 7th place in the LGBT Erotic Romance category at the 2013 Rainbow Awards.  Congratulations to Heidi Cullinan who won first place for her novel, Dirty Laundry, and to all the other winners in this category.   Many thanks to Elisa Rolle and everyone who helped to make these awards a success. 

Post-Thanksgiving Update

I haven't posted anything since early November, so here's a little update for those who want to know what writers do in-between book releases.  Catching up with family is always a joy after being buried in my writing cave.  It's hard to find the right balance, but now that I'm semi-retired from my day job, I'm finding it easier to mesh both real and imaginary lives.

Let's start with Thanksgiving.  I flew to North Carolina (Raleigh) where my oldest son lives with his wife and brand new baby girl, Scarlett.  She was born a few days before I left for Europe so this was my first chance to see her up close.  Scarlett is just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures.  A happy baby and a wonderful addition to the family.  My other grandchild, AJ, shown above with his new cousin, was also present with his Mommy and Daddy who flew in from Chicago the day before the holiday.  We had a full house of 8 adults and 2 little ones.  My son's property is in Apex, just…


M/M Romance and Yaoi author, Alex Akira, is featuring me on his blog this week.  Stop by and learn a little bit more about me and my upcoming work.  Read an excerpt of Ride-Off that hasn't been posted anywhere else, as well as the wonderful review Alex gave Fire Horse on Rainbow Reviews recently. This is also another opportunity to win a free copy of Ride-Off by commenting on the post.

Baby Update!

I can't believe she's almost two months old and I haven't seen her yet.  I'm spending an entire week with her around thanksgiving.  So excited!
 She's looks like an angel...

Fire Horse Reviewed

Fire Horse was reviewed on by Steve with the rating of interesting and well written on 10/11/2013. 
Here's the link:
Here's another chance to win Fire Horse and the sequel Ride-Off  by clicking on the Goodreads link.  The contest runs for a month and the winner will receive 2 signed paperbacks. 

Goodreads Book Giveaway


          by Mickie B. Ashling

            Giveaway ends November 23, 2013.

            See the giveaway details
            at Goodreads.

Enter to win


I've just listed Ride-Off on Goodreads as a giveaway.  The winner will receive a signed paperback  (along with a signed copy of Fire Horse) .  The contest runs for a month and is open to residents of the US, Canada, Australia, and UK.  Two copies of Ride-Off have been listed, but in actuality, I'm giving away 4 books.  The giveaway goes live in 24 hours.  Click on the link for more details.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this review from Amos Lassen yesterday.  Here's what he has to say about Ride-Off.

And here's another honest review from the scarf princess, Jody.  In my Polo universe, anything goes, and trust me, there's a lot happening in the Fawkes-Schnell clan.  Throw in Ned Temple and his young lover, Bandi, plus a charming new addition to the cast in the form of cross-dressing, make-up artist, Jeremy Starr, and a soap opera is born.  


Give Away Winners!

Here are the winners of my contest.  Spike 7451 and Whitestar.  Those of you who'd like another chance at a give away, hop on over to Sid Love's blog and comment.  Here's the link:

Will the winners please email me at mickie.ashling at gmail dot com or comment on this post.  I need your email address and the format of choice.  I did promise a signed paperback if either of you are interested.

If I don't hear back in 48 hours I'll have to choose another winner.  Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Ride-Off Excerpt and Contest

To celebrate the release of my latest novel, Ride-Off,  I'm offering a signed paperback (or e-book if  you'd prefer) to the 14th person who comments, since this is my 14th published novel.  All you have to do is leave your name and tell me you want the book.  For anyone else who'd like to participate, leave a comment, and I'll draw another random winner.  The only catch is you have to respond within 48 hours since the book releases on Friday, October 18.  

So far, this is your third chance to win.  First is over at Chris' blog, Stumbling Over Chaos (see my previous post and easy click to link), the next is on Facebook or LJ, and lastly, here.  So three chances all in all to win a freebie.

Ride-Off is a sequel to Fire Horse which released last April.  Readers were drawn to this epic romance spanning 35 years.  Two years have passed since our lovers were reunited and now the hard part begins.  Trying to blend families is always a challenge, especially when the playe…


There's a twofer going on over at Stumbling Over Chaos.  Click on the link and throw your name in the hat for a chance to win Ride-Off and Fire Horse (if you haven't read it yet).  Also, anyone who comments on this post will be eligible for another drawing.  Winner will be announced on Friday, October 18 when Ride-Off releases.

Blog Tour!

I've scheduled a blog tour to celebrate the upcoming release of my novel, Ride-Off.   Feel free to stop by any of the posted blogs to read an excerpt and throw your name in the hat for a freebie.  Ride-Off is a sequel to Fire Horse and opens two years after the first book ends.  The novel will release on Friday, October 18 and is now available for pre-order on the Dreamspinner Coming Soon page.

Here are the links:

First up -Chris' very interesting and informative blog.  Stumbling Over Chaos.  

Contest goes live at 2 am CDT on October 10:

Raine Delight- October 10th- Words of Wisdom- October 12th- Sid Love-October 15th- Eden Winters- October 16th- Dawn's Reading Nook- October 19th-


On day 16 we crossed by ferry from Rosslare across St. George's Channel to Pembroke and drove through South Wales to Cardiff.  Roomie and I were enthralled when we saw the castle, so we threw our bags in the hotel room, and ran out to catch the last private tour of the day.  Our tour guide was Welsh and looked a little like an older Richard Burton (who's from there it turns out).  He was charming and knowledgeable and had a wicked sense of humor.  We wanted to bring him home:) I guess I should mention that a lot of cool people are Welsh; Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta Jones, Tom Jones, Christian Bale, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood), Russel T. Davies (Queer as Folk, Torchwood writer) Shirley Bassey and a ton more.  There was something about this castle that hit a nerve.  Maybe I lived there in a past life.  It reminded me a lot of Scotland which isn't surprising since their neighbors.  Same ambiance...wild and sort of mysterious in a barbaric kind of way.  I…

UK Adventure...Part 3...

Day 10 found us crossing the border into North Wales,and driving through the incomparable landscapes of Snowdonia National Park on our way to Holyhead for the ferry crossing to Dublin, Ireland. The ferry ride is fuss-free and very relaxing.  The entire bus is driven onto the ferry, and once parked, passengers are allowed to go up to the higher decks to have a snack and chill.  I took the opportunity to hide and write.  You can do a lot good writing in 3 hours.  My fellow travelers dreaded the ferry ride but I looked forward to the free time.  

When we arrived in Dublin, the first thing I saw was this great sculpture of Oscar Wilde.  We then toured Trinity College and I had a chance to see the 1,200 year-old book of Kells and the great old library.  Some of our fellow traveler went to the Guinness Storehouse that evening but roomie and I opted out.  The next morning we traveled across the Curragh to the Irish National Stud at Kildare.  Since I'm immersed in a series about horses…

Part 2-Scotland tour

Why do I love Scotland?  Let me count the ways...

Our tour started with a visit to Edinburgh Castle.  This is a stock shot you're looking at because it was raining that morning.  It added the necessary atmosphere to really appreciate the magnificence of that stone structure.  Climbing up the hill was a bitch, and the million and one stairs in the castle were brutal BUT  so worth it.  Our guide was named Richard Campbell and he was wearing a kilt, natch, and spoke with that lovely accent that made me want to throw myself at him.  My roomie kept telling me to close my mouth 'cause I was drooling:) I should have asked for a photo but I was too embarrassed.   Dumb me...

After the castle, we went to visit Holyrood Palace.  The Queen resides there one week during the year.  It's an actual working palace where she entertains dignitaries and handles local business issues.  Balmoral Castle is her summer or whenever getaway place.  Apparently, she loves it and goes as often as poss…