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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

Top Ten List!

I'm so honored to have the three novels I wrote in 2012 appear on a top ten list over at Jessewave Reviews.  Here's the complete list for those of you haven't seen it yet and want to add more great books to your To Buy list.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from me and Santa's little helper. 

AJ kept us on our toes last night as he systematically ripped open everyone's presents.  Pausing to admire and inspect each gift was wishful thinking on our part.  His squeals of delight made up for the mess.  The big hit of the evening was this little rocking horse. 

I'd like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Happy Holidays!


Behind the Cover Art-Dan Skinner

Behind the Cover Art

How often have you seen this comment by readers?  “I was drawn to the book because of the beautiful cover.”  Or sometimes, you see this. “The story was great, but I almost didn’t pick it up because of the ugly cover!”

Writers labor over a manuscript for weeks, months, and sometimes, years.  Once it’s accepted by a publisher, their “baby” goes through several processes before it finally hits the shelves.  One of the most stressful of these steps is choosing a book cover.  First, you have to decide which artist will be able to bring your vision to life.  Do you want it drawn or Photoshopped?  Do you have a preference for colors?  Should there be nudity, or should we take a more subtle approach?  What type of background did you envision?  What do your main characters look like?  Did you wish to convey passionate love or not?  The questions are endless, and most writers provide more information than necessary.  It takes a skilled artist to sift through the jumble of w…

Horizons Series Reviewed

The Horizons series was recently reviewed over at Hearts On Fire Reviews.  Horizons was my first published novel (2009)and appeared on several best seller lists for many weeks.   Despite a few errors in football timelines (I'd love to re-edit the entire novel) it's a great love story and continues to be very popular with readers.  Taste is the spin-off and Daddio is the recently published sequel. Here are the links to the reviews. 

Review for Horizons: 4 stars of 5

Review for Taste: 5 stars of 5

Review for Daddio: 4 stars of 5

Book 4 in the series is my current WIP.  I'm jumping ahead a few years so you can expect some new challenges for Lil and Grier as they learn how to deal with a teenager and all the drama that goes on at that age.  Stay tuned!

What Inspires A Story

I like to share pictures of the places I write about.  Here are some  photos I borrowed from Trip Advisor of the Albay Province in the Philippines where my story Mayon takes place.

                                        This waterfall is located in one of the mountain parks.

                                              Spanish style architecture.

Zipping through traffic jams and avoiding potholes is a lot easier in a pedicab. This popular means of transport is the preferred choice of many locals who'd rather depend on their study legs than pay for imported gas.

The World War II Willis Jeep was refurbished and turned into a  means of public transportation. Owners outdid each other with colorful (and oftentimes garish) designs to make them as attractive as possible.   They changed the name to "Jeepney" and continues to be used throughout the country..

      Rice paddies abound in the shadow of the volcano because the soil is so rich.

This is all that remains of the chu…


A friend sent me this for inspiration.  You think he wants to read another book in the Horizons series?  Hmm...I'm thinking , yes.

Aside from the lovely visual, this post is a test.  I've switched my feed on Goodreads to this blog and want to see if it cross posts without a problem.  I'll have another surprise post next week.  Stay tuned.