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Impacted! Book Vid

I am pleased to announce that my new book Impacted! will be released on August 3. It's now up on the coming soon section of Dreamspinner Press. Click on the link below to watch the book vid which will give you an idea about the story. Vid made by the very talented qafmaniac.

Horizons Review

Title: Horizons
Author: Mickie B. Ashling
Author’s website:
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 2009
ISBN: 9781935192879 (Electronic); 9781935192862 (Print)
Length: Novel
Format: Electronic and Print
Genre: Contemporary GLBT
Sensuality Level: 4
Rating: 4

Reviewed by: BD Whitney

Clark Stevens is a star football player at UC Berkley who has a bright future in professional sports ahead of him. It’s all he’s good for, really, because he’s less than intelligent. Or so his father tells him. His controlling father has mapped out every portion of Clark’s life, planning his professional career and denying him the medication he needs to get a handle on his ADD. So far, Clark has toed the line. He has even buried his homosexuality, knowing that it would interfere with his father’s plans for him. But when Clark lands in the emergency room and meets Doctor Jody Williams, he can’t deny his attraction to the man.

Jody is out and proud and refuses to compromise…

Horizons Book Vid

Here's a book vid we made for my novel, Horizons. My good friend, qafmaniac, also known as Marita made it for me. She's an amazing vid artist! I hope you enjoy it.

Horizons Now Available

Horizons has just been released and is now for sale. Click on the link below and it will take you right to the page. Read an excerpt and learn a little bit about Clark and Jody and their powerful attraction. Link:

Horizons Update

My novel, Horizons, is now featured in the 'Coming Soon' section of Dreamspinner Press. It will be released April 20, in either paperback or ebook format. Check out the cover and the short blurb on the novel!

More good news!

Horizons, a m/m romance between a closeted football player and his out and proud trauma doctor will be available in June 2009. Check out the 'Coming Soon' section at Dreamspinner Press in the next few weeks to get actual dates. I recently signed a contract with Dreamspinner for my second novel, Impacted! This is a m/m romance set in the world of dentistry with a BDSM twist. It will be out sometime in September 2009. I'll be posting more information as I get it.