Monday, December 18, 2017

Being With Him: Fifth Day of Christmas Culinary Tour

On the fifth day of Christmas Alex's creation elicited a few remarks from Chyna and Zeb. Here's a tiny excerpt from that conversation.

Excerpt Being With Him
Chyna took a spoonful of the gumbo and chewed. Suddenly, he spat out a slice of green into his hand. “What is this?” he asked Alex.
“Haven’t you ever had okra?”
“Is that what this is?” Chyna mused. “Tastes just like jizz—a little slimy, but sort of good.”
Alex’s eyes rounded in surprise and then he burst into laughter.
“Doesn’t it?” Chyna asked Zeb.
“I… wouldn’t… don’t… really, are you kidding me?” Zeb flushed brightly, and he looked ready to explode into a million fragments. He quickly left the room.
Oops,” Chyna said. “Did I just out him?”
Alex gave him a half smile. “Not really.”
“So, wait a sec,” Chyna said, leaning forward. “Did you guys hook up?”
Alex made a zipping motion across his lips.
Luca walked in and sniffed. “Smells great in here.”
“It’s just spunk according to your boyfriend,” Alex said, pointing at Chyna.
“Shut up,” Chyna said, grinning.
“I’ll eat whatever you got,” Luca said.
“I know,” Chyna cackled.
Alex laughed while he filled Luca’s bowl with the gumbo.
“You’d better go after Zeb,” Chyna suggested. “Hate to see him suffer longer than necessary.”
“What’d I miss?” Luca asked.
“I might have outed your roommate.”
Luca’s gaze flitted from Alex to Chyna and back to Alex. “Is he gay?”

And the famous recipe for your convenience.

Being With Him is available for pre-order at Amazon and Dreamspinner Press

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