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Happy Holidays!

A wonderful surprise from Dreamspinner Press. One last sale before the end of the year. A perfect opportunity to catch up on my Open Series before the final book in the trilogy releases in early February.

                         Lastly, my sexy Santa and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!  

Queer as Folk Christmas Story

Long ago before my first published novel, I wrote in the QAF fandom under the name mickiebg. All my stories were AU (Alternate Universe). Some of my characters were figments of my imagination and others belonged to the creators of the Queer as Folk series. This is one of my favorites. Feel free to leave me a comment if you enjoyed this story. I'd love to hear back from you!

Snow Angels 

Brian sat in front of the fireplace holding a snifter in one hand and his phone in the other. He was waiting for the call that would tell him if this was going to be his last Christmas or not.

He was resigned to hearing bad news. It had been a miracle that he’d lived this long. He should have died years ago as a result of bad genes and a life of excess.

Instead, he’d proved them all wrong and had gone on to live until the ripe old age of sixty-three which really wasn’t that old, in an age when people were living well into their nineties.

He took a sip of the Courvoisier, relishing the taste on his…

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the $20.00 Dreamspinner Gift Certificate is Tan. Please contact me here or on FaceBook so we can talk about retrieving your prize. Thank you for participating.

On a much sadder note, I'm sure you're aware that we've lost Eric Arvin, one of the kindest and most gifted writers to grace our genre. He will be taken off his ventilator on Monday and will be moving on to his next great adventure. There's a fund that has been set up to help his family with the mounting costs. Any amount would be appreciated.

Here's the link to donate:

2016 Rainbow Awards

With over 420 entries, I'm thrilled to announce that Yesterday was one of twenty runner-ups in the 2016 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Book Category.  Here is what the judges had to say:

1) Powerful from start to finish, Yesterday is a stunning story rich in culture and history. One cannot help but be pulled deep into the plight of forbidden love and the psyche of the characters. In a world filled with unspeakable horrors and oceans of pain, Yesterday is magically written and we live each moment through to a happy ending. Hauntingly beautiful, written in deft prose, Ms. Ashling’s Yesterday exemplifies the very essence of true storytelling.

2) The author has done her research and it shows in not just the setting, but the way the characters react. Kam's struggle to reconcile his sexuality with his beliefs feels very realistic, and I got hooked on his and Grady's story very quickly.

3) Interesting tale of worlds colliding in both cultural and romantic tendencies, set in a time of …

Blogiversary Celebration at The Novel Approach

I'm over at The Novel Approach today helping to celebrate their fifth year anniversary with a post and giveaway. Check it out!

Giveaway reminder!

Just a reminder that a $20.00 Dreamspinner Press Gift Certificate is up for grabs. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. Winner will be announced on December 10th.