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2015 To Do List

I saw this image online and I'm "borrowing" it from Nathan Young since it says it all in a cute graphic.

For those of you who don't know, I'm finally leaving my EDJ after umpteen thousand years of being a worker bee.  It's like bungee jumping off Victoria Falls.  One minute I'm vibrating with excitement over this change, and then I go into a tailspin, terrified that I'll end up living under a bridge somewhere.  You can tell I'm a writer.  My worse case scenarios are always over-the-top.  For the most part, I'm looking forward to being my own boss, having my own hours, doing my thing.  A part of me will miss the old routine of getting into the car each morning, fighting the assholes vying for a spot on the road, and dealing with humanity eight hours a day.  I've been able to squeeze in my writing all this time by creating a grueling schedule some consider inhuman.  Getting up at 3-4 am to put in a couple of hours of writing each day has en…